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Hi, I'm Iris Orsini, Founder of Brand HandyGuide

Years ago, like you perhaps, I felt extremely stressed running errands on the local highway. Pressed for time, I'd sweat in panic: Can I make it back in time for school pickup? I desperately needed a way to plan my route more efficiently, to feel in control of time. This anxiety led to my creation of the very first highway directory.

I’ll never forget… It was immediately clear that I wasn't the only one that was seeking a handy aid for their outings. That first guide prompted more HandyGuide requests for many other places.

And before you knew it… I was commissioned to re-image hospital visitor passes, hotel grounds guides, college campus buildings and many more service pieces; all with the objective: to make experiences easier for visitors. Today these guides have been appreciated by hundreds of thousands of people.

Now, you might think that print maps are all obsolete because we navigate and search on our phones.

I used to think that would happen too… and I waited and watched . . . but now I know this… The 3rd party phone map apps are not able to, quickly and easily, give us an area overview while also, simultaneously  giving us comprehensive accurate detailed information.

It’s important to understand why… You see it's the form factor. A phone screen simply can't show you the same amount of data as on a double sided print piece; certainly not in a single viewing. And definitely not for a long highway or complex business district.

I’m going to tell you the truth… I really like solving these data puzzles; it’s so interesting to become part of a place intimately; to make it welcoming (maybe that’s my ancestral inn keeper peeking through!, who knows).

What I love most is … being asked to help a town find it's pride and spirit. Helping a place come together, celebrating all they have to offer, in a beautifully compact brochure: their history, their services, their parking, and ALL their shops. In swift collaboration we fulfill patrons need for unity and order.

And I’ve figured out how to make the guide development process fast & fun.

Now, if you'd like to bring clarity to your neck of the woods; then, consider reaching out to me this month to secure a project reservation for 2020.

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You could say these Guides are Service Tools Doing Double Duty as Beautiful Marketing Collateral

Here are just a few solution pairings from my portfolio:

Commerce Organization & Visitor Bureau: Grow Membership With Publication

Developer: Invest in Retail Property Data

Hotelier: Increase Event Sales, Spoil VIPs & Empower Front Desk Staff

Universities & Medical Center: Wayfinding Service Products

Parking Authority: Solve Parking Congestion

Merchant: Maintain Grand Opening Momentum and Announce Relocations

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