How We Work

Our unique process of creating the perfect guide for your business or organization has been tested and streamlined to ensure the process is as easy for you as possible.

HandyGuide specializes in:

  • Information rich graphics designed to serve your target audience
  • Packaging our handy print pieces into mobile and electronic formats
  • An understanding of the unique needs of the metropolitan retail consumer and business professionals
  • An understanding of the hotel and resort, higher education and healthcare industries
  • Swift turn-key production methods with high quality at low volumes

Our Unique Process

What makes HandyGuide unique is our ability to take information and display it clearly and attractively. Our ultimate goal is to help you market and present your business in a useful and meaningful manner.

Competitive Advantage

HandyGuide differs from traditional printers and agencies:

  • HandyGuide does not impose an account manager at a high hourly rate.
  • HandyGuide does not require a long-term retainer and/or a high minimum price point purchase.
  • HandyGuide does not outsource implementation of current technology to hidden third party vendors.

HandyGuide Inc. specializes in datarich design and quality print production.

HandyGuide has fulfilled consumer way-finding needs through a variety of publications since 1998. HandyGuide has developed a unique and extremely high-quality approach to wayfinding and information presentation.  Our interpretation systems are now available for a variety of industries and sectors ranging from tourism to higher education and beyond.

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